Mokpo Science University
"MSU will be reformed as a school where the creative men of talent who can lead their own lives are trained"

MSU is making great efforts to train the men of talent to be needed for the nation and the society by instructing the new knowledge and technology, developing the ability of creative thinking, reforming the way of education, reinforcing learning through the field work, and the like.

We will tain the creative men of talent. We will guide students for their proper college life and help them with their future plan by offering a mentor to each one of them, so that they can make the most of their ability. We will reinforce the leadership education through which they themselves can lead their own life and by so doing make them develop their leadership for themselves actively, so that they can live a successful life by making a life plan on what they can do and where they can do it after the college graduation and themselves to get the capability needed for it.

We will reinforce the personality education and the customized education througt the field work which will meet the demand of the industry. We will practice the customized education through the field work which will meet the demand of the industry by reinforcing the academic industrial cooperatin and foster the customer-centered educational environment such as retraining after employment. And we will collect our thoughts and work together to make the students get the job they want by making them learn the elements such as the manners, the respect of others, the cooperation, and the responsibility, which are needed for the community life through the personality education.

We will make MSC a school where we all share the wisdom and the joy of life. We will respect the diversity of each and every student, make the students develop their potentiality to the full and make them future men of talent who have the emotional intelligence. We will make MSC a joyful school by developing and utilizing a variety of programs with which students and faculty members share their experiences with each other and by so doing enjoy teaching and learning.

We will all make great efforts to take a big leap in the future and contribute to our community and further to our nation's development. Would you like to make a life plan and achieve your dream and vision together with us in our school? Let's have the self-respect and sense of duty as living cornerstones who hold a key to open the door of the future of our community and further to our nation and go together toward the more beautiful world, the happier future.


President of MSU, Ph.D