In a campus with blue dreams of young intellectuals having infinite potentials, you will start your life strongly in Mokpo Science University.
Contribution to the industrial society, training of creative independent individuals
  • We do our best to foster future competent people being equipped with creative wisdom and sensitivity, provide strict education mixed with liberal arts and practical work programs, and foster professional intellectuals who seek the truth and deliver studies.
Sense of duty, nurturing talents
  • Students, professors and teaching staff in Mokpo College of Science will achieve excellence in their own field for achieving the educational goals and have a sense of duty and a sense of responsibility to foster professional people being equipped with global practical ability and morals.
Seeking the truth, fostering intellectuals
  • Departments students, professors, teaching staff and alumni will contribute to the leaming processes beyond the lecture rooms in order to realize the right people being equipped with intensive practical ability and creative sensitivity though educational programs provided the <okpo College of Science.